Thursday, March 17, 2005


What's with celebs today who can't hold (tell the truth about) their weight!?! In a comedy skit Rosie O'Donnel jockingly jarred Kirstie Allen, star of the new show "Fat Actress", for lying about her weight. Allen claims she tops the scale at 201, but O'Donnel at 220 pounds is certain she knows who actually is the lighter of the two. On VH1's experimental show "Celebrity Fit Club", where stars are confronted with their weight truth, we learn that one of the team leaders Alec Baldwin did not show up to his weigh-in has a DRUG PROBLEM! We learn that he has a drug problem and actually passed out before the critical team weigh-in! Upset that he let down his team lets hope that he never again touches the BAD STUFF.


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